Indiana U takes over Acapulco Spring Break 2010

May 14, 2009

2010 Spring Break bookings are in full swing, and it’s only May.  Indiana University (rated as one of the biggest party schools in the country) seems to be booking mostly Acapulco with Studentcity.com.  With pricing at it’s best now (obviously early), it seems students are getting more conscious about their spending.  YES they are spending, but with all the early booking incentives and low pricing students are saving big $$ by making reservations before summer break ends for trips departing March 2010.

Indiana University located in Bloomington, Indiana has listed their spring break week as March 13th, 2010

More students at Indiana University Travel with Studentcity.com than any other company. They are the largest student tour operator in the U.S. and are publicly traded plus they carry the largest insurance policy when compared to all other student tour operators.  Studentcity.com is offering all-inclusive rates starting at $900 for 7 nights, with flights from all U.S. cities.  The packages include their on-site staff, FREE meals at reatuarants downtown Acapulco, FREE pre-game parties and daytime events as well.  No other company seems to be able to match this pricing as the competition just doesn’t seem to have the buying power.

If your a “baller” check out the mansions/villa’s Studentcity.com owns available for rental in Acapulco.


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