Travel Websites Offer Discounts for 2011 Spring Break

May 22, 2009

Spring Break tour operators are already discounting their trips for 2010 travel.  It seems the tour companies are finally getting more savvy as students have less money to spend due to the economy.  Pricing compared to 2009 is several percentage points less.  Rediculous discounts including pricing on Bahamas Party Cruises, Panama City Beach (home of the MTV stage), and Cancun.

Lowest pricing on international spring break seems to be Jamaica.  With the swine flu challenges and drug wars Jamaica seems to be looking more attractive to students.

The following are the best websites to earn a FREE trip for organizing a group and/or your best deal on spring break 2010 packages:

Cheapspringbreak.com, Springbreakvillas.com, Studentcity.com, Supercheapspringbreak.com

CRUISE INSIDERS GUIDE FOR SPRING BREAK…read this guide and get guaranteed cruise rates for $198 for 5 nights with all meals and drinks included.  These are wholesaled direct to you.  Click Here to read the guide.


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