MTV’s “The Real World Cancun” gives a fresh persepective on Spring Break

May 27, 2009

Oh boy! 

The producers of “The Real World” just wrapped up shooting their newest season.  For the first time ever the 8 strangers embark on a journey to Cancun, Mexico.  Obviously this is going to be a season that has the potential to be the wildest ever put on television.  Rumor has it that the cast of the show go to work for Studentcity.com (The largest Spring Break Tour Operator to Cancun).  The cast works with the other travel staff to ensure that spring breakers have a safe and fun filled spring break experience.

Looking back at all of the episodes of the Real World I have watched in my time, it is absolutely mind numbing how many hours are spent watching these drama filled individuals live out their lives on TV.  After exposing themselves, their insecurities, and their issues in life, I find it hard to believe that any of the cast members ever go on to obtain anything more than their breif stint as reality TV stars.  This new season in Cancun is sure to bring out the craziest of them all.

So the real question is how will this show effect Spring Break Travel by U.S. students in 2010?

Even though Mexico has been graced by both the swine flu and drug related violence the producers of the show stated that it did not effect production and they seemed to think that the number of students in Cancun was on par with what they expected.  I personally think Cancun will continue to prosper in 2010 as a spring break destination.  The Real World will expose Cancun to those students who have never been there.  Perhaps many students will begin to save money early this year so they can “have their own Real World Cancun Experience”. 

It will be interesting to see how the show unfolds and how the roomates balance working in paradise while trying to squeeze in a party of their own. 

The show is due to air in June.

For more info check out: www.MTV.com


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