Spring Break Acapulco Villas FOR LESS

May 27, 2009

Most people believe that you have to be a baller to get a villa in Acapulco for spring break.  Let me inform you that there is no truth to that statement.

Why are villas in Acapulco so popular for spring break?  Simply because they afford you the opportunity to live in a house with a private chef, driver, and pool!  If you want to throw a private party after Paladium closes, or invite the devil himself to your villa to party, you have the means of doing so.

Most villas in Acapulco available for spring break sleep 10 – 20 people.  This simple fact is what makes them so affordable.  Will you pay more to stay in a villa than a standard hotel?  Sometimes.  Villa pricing can range from $1600 a person to $3000 a person.  If your on a budget several companies allow you to sign up with 20 friends for a Villa.  Each person has their own account and logs into the account via a secure website to make monthly payments.  Normally the Villa property owners require a $250 down payment per person to hold the villa.  Each person can then make monthly payments on their own.

THIS PAYMENT PLAN IS THE SINGULAR REASON TO BOOK EARLY (not to mention if there is a particular villa you are looking for, you need to act fast before someone else sweeps it up)!

I found a very good source for villas.  Visit the following site and choose “destination” followed by “Acapulco” and the villas will come up (CheapSpringBreakVillas.com OR SpringBreakVillas.com); OR feel free to hit me up as I can broker a GUARANTEED lowest price deal for you.

If you have a specific villa your group is looking for be sure to leave a comment and I will go to work on obtaining the best deal possible for you!

See you in Acapulco for spring break 2010!


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