Spring Break Puerto Vallarta 2010!!

June 13, 2009


Hola Amigos…

I am here in Puerto Vallarta Mexico right now working high school graduation trips.  If you check out my photos above you’ll see that I not only hit up the night life, but also did some pretty cool outdoor stuff too. If you want to go to the safest, most hospitable place in Mexico, I highly suggest Puerto Vallarta.  From the moment you arrive the service is first class.  Dining is amazing with thousands of local places to eat and tons of corner taco carts.  Head to the beach for the most beautiful water you have ever seen.  The night life in Puerto Vallarta is equally amazing! With clubs like Hilo, Mandala, and Christine the party never ends.  I must tell you though, that these clubs are exclusive and you do need to dress to impress!

One of the best things about Puerto Vallarta is the eco-tourism.  The best thing you can do in PV is take a day excursion with www.VallartaAdventures.com   The most fun thing to do with them is the “Outdoor Adventure” and “The Dolphin Encounter”.  The outdoor adventure takes you up a mountain by jeep, then you hop on a donkey and ride it the rest of the way up the mountain. Next you ascend down with 9 zip lines, and two free falls…amazing!

Travel Cheap to Puerto Vallarta for Spring Break HERE!


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