MTV’s “16 and Pregnant”? What a show…

July 10, 2009

I didn’t even know this show exsisted until I saw it after watching a re-air of “The Real World – Cancun”.  I can’t tell if the premise of 16 and Pregnant is to teach teens a lesson or embrace it?  It seems the show does spin it as if the parents are angry.  In the episode on right now, neither the mother or the sister of the pregnant girl want to be in the room with her during delivery because they’ll “faint if they see blood”. 

So the girl goes to the hospital to have the baby and her sister is sick and her father is out of town for work. So its just mother and daughter for the delivery.  WOW!!!

16 and pregnant?  I only remember one girl in high school being pregnant.  She wasn’t in my graduating class, but she nenver seemed to be the type of girl who would get pregnant.

Being in the student travel business…I work closely with high school students for their graduation trips and I have in the past had female students book a trip and later cancel because they are pregnant.


After viewing the entire show, I have to say that after the young girl gives birth MTV makes it seem like a happy ending, but still show clips of what life will be life at 16 with a new born.  Luckily the girl on the show has wealthy and supportive parents and great friends who seem supportive as well.  I don’t know if the show is exactly “birth control”, but they do show condom commercials during the show, and have little pop up boxes while the show is airing that encourage viewers to text a certain number for more info on teen pregnancy.

Honestly, I did not expect to see this show on when I finished an episode of The Real World – Cancun.


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