Pimped out spring break

July 19, 2009


Want to live spring break like a celebrity?
I can make that happen.

Several travel companis are now offering luxury services to students with taste and money to spend.
From private villas, to penthouse suites, and your own private driver I will outline a variety of services I can broker for you.

# 1 – Private villas in Acapulco Mexico and Puerto Vallarta. Situated on the cliffs just outside of town, your private villa will have 8 – 10 bedrooms and sleep 14 – 22 people. Pricing includes your own chef, butler, and optional car service. You choose your own menu and the chef prepares it. I personally package these villas with airfare to make your experience a one stop shop. Pricing starts at $1900 per person and can go to $3000 per person for 7 night packages. Private villas are available in both Acapulco and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

# 2 – Penthouse sweets. These are available only in Acapulco and only through one vendor. These are at the all suite Spring Break 2010 headquarter hotel. The penthouses are at the very top of the hotel and are two stories tall. Each penthouse sleeps 8 people and pricing is $1500 per person and includes ALL YOU CAN EAT AND DRINK (including alcohol).

If your interested in these exlculsive luxury services for SPRING BREAK 2010 please contact me directly at 978-573-1835


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