Spring Break Party Pass

August 14, 2009

Why should you purchase a  Party Pass?

1. Save Money!
If you buy cover at the door, you’ll be paying anywhere from $50 to $75 dollars for each club. Buying a Party Pass saves you well over 50%!

2. Save Time!
Without a Party Pass, you might (and probably will) have to wait in long lines to get into the clubs. Party Pass holders walk right in, no hassle!

3. The Best Parties!
We throw the most outrageous parties in Cancun, Acapulco,Puerto Vallarta, Panama City, South Padre, and the Bahamas. Don’t believe us? We implore you to try another party once! We have absolute confident that you will buy a Party Pass the next day! A large percentage of our Party Pass sales are to our competitor’s customers! We throw the parties people talk about the next day.

4. The Best Clubs!
Because of our longstanding history in the destinations we travel to as a trusted Spring Break provider, we have access to biggest and best clubs!

For more information call us at 978-573-1835

Group discounts on all party package purchases if you purchase as a group.



  1. Hi,

    A friend and I will be visiting the US in 2010 for the Springbreak. If I could have someone to help or introduce me to an agency or travelingcompeany who can arrange surtain things for us, accomodation, parties. And who can tell me how much it all will costs, before I make the booking.

    Kind regards from The Netherlands (Holland, Dutch speaking, Europe)


    • Great!

      Which destination are you planning to visit while in the states.
      Panama City Beach Florida, and South Padre Island Texas are the two best locations for spring break in the US. I can help you out with hotel accommodations, intra-U.S. flights, and also (the most important) PARTIES. Please email me wlindquist@studentcity.com

      See you on the beach!

    • Sergio.

      Give us a call at 1-888-SPRING BREAK ext. 2041 OR 978-573-2041 and we’ll help you get the guaranteed lowest pricing and the biggest parties and events.

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