Last minute passport for spring break

January 30, 2010

SPRING BREAK IS ALMOST HERE….don’t forget your passport.

Remember if you don’t have 2 months or more until your trip, if you just visit the post office or try to apply for a passport the standard way…IT WILL NOT COME IN TIME FOR YOUR TRIP.

You now need a passport for all airline travel to Mexico, Jamaica, Bahamas, Dominican Republic.

Here is where 90% of all spring breaker’s go for their passport: PASSPORTS NOW !

You also NOW need a passport if your visiting these countries via cruise.

Many students forget that they need a passport and/or don’t look at their travel documents to realize that they need a Passport.  Remember that if you don’t have one…you’re not taking your trip and don’t expect the travel company to refund you if you forgot a passport.


We can guarantee to get your passport in as little as 8 hrs.  Although most people don’t need it that fast we can get it for you in 2 weeks for just $39.00

Please vist us by clicking  here:  PASSPORTS NOW!


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