Indiana University Spring Break 2011

April 20, 2010

Indiana University seems to be taking over Acapulco again for 2011.

Early booking numbers (already posted) are showing a staggering number of students from this pretigious university are again headed to Acapulco in style.  After talking to severl groups who have already booked they are choosing Acapulco for several reasons.

1. Night Life – Some of the best (if not the best) night life in all of Mexico is in Acapulco!  In order the best clubs are: Palladium, Mandara, El Ajibre, and Pure.  Pure is a new night club only available through the party package offered by www.studentcity.com

2. Variety of Hotels – It seems most students love the service at the hotels in Acapulco.  MTV chose Playa Suites Hotel as their headquarters for their concert stage featuring Ludacris, Drake, and many more.  They even shot the Gauntlet Challenge at this hotel.  More students are choosing this hotel over the Copacabana because it offers 24/7 all-inclusive, it is close to the clubs, has the sickest daytime pool parties, and will again be host to several concerts and events not offered at other hotels.  Not to mention it is the only all suite hotel that allows students.  Studentcity.com is the official spring break travel company for Playa Suites again in 2011. 

3. Private Villas – The hills of Acapulco offer unsurpassed luxury accomadations for those students with the best taste.  The Las Brisas exclusive community offers private Million Dollar custom villa homes that sleep from 10 – 30 people.  Each home features 6 – 12 bedrooms, private pools, your own butler, waiter, bartender, private chef, and private driver.   Believe it or not, pricing is not that high, so if you have a big group I would definitely consider calling a booking agent for these homes in the US at 978-573-2041 (these agents guarantee to get you the lowest price).

The final reason Indiana University and several other schools are choosing Acapulco….THE SERVICE.  The people of Acapulco love spring break.  Contrary to what you see and hear on the news, the tourist areas of Acapulco are VERY safe.  The drug induced violence you see on Fox News is NOT happening near the hotels, clubs, or villas.  The violence is happening more than 300 miles away.  In FACT, the united states department of transportation as issued NO warnings or closed travel to Acapulco.  The hotel owners, the club owners, right down to your VIP servers in the clubs are there to serve you.

With that being said, be sure to book your spring break trip with a reputable company.   This helps you with all the planning, guarantees you get a great deal, and ensures there is American staff in Acapulco to serve you while you travel.   A great resource for planning can be found at Studentcity.com

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