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Beer, beaches, and babes – spring break 2011

October 27, 2010

So you stumbled here on to my blog in search of a couple of things…beer, beaches, and babes…right?

Well maybe not exactly (if your a female spring breaker), but I am sure you were searching the internet for a few items on Spring Break 2016!

The hot spots for spring break 2016 are the usual:  Cancun, Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta, Jamaica, The Bahamas, Panama City Florida or South Padre Island Texas!



STEP # 1: Find out when your school goes on spring break!

I already did that for you! I have listed them all here on my blog. To find your school’s spring break date  Click here  (opens in a new window)

STEP # 2: Figure out a budget…(i.e. save some beer money!)

I can help you do that too.  It’s important to have a budget, so you’ll need to save some money.  To see how to budget and what an average trip will cost check my blog post on it Click here (opens in a new window)

STEP #3:  Choose a destination/hotel that fits your budget.

So if you can afford it and have $2000 per person to spend for 7 nights (including airfare) of all out crazyness…check out the private villas in Acapulco…or headquarter properties like the Oasis Cancun Resort.  Private villas run from $1700 – $2000 per person.  The Oasis Cancun runs about $1400 – $1500 per person but…IT’S ALL YOU CAN EAT AND DRINK.

For a 7 night vacation  with all you can eat and drink including your flight plan to spend:

Cancun $999 – $1600 per person

Acapulco $899 – $1800 per person

The Bahamas $999 – $1500 per person

Puerto Vallarta from $1000 – $1500 per person

Jamaica from $800 – $1300 per person

Party Cruises from $400 – $699 per person

More info on VIP Villas in Acapulco or Puerto Vallarta? Check my blog post  click here

More info on the Oasis Cancun Resort? Check my blog post click here

STEP # 4: Choose a company secure and legitimate travel company to book your trip.

On the internet these days there are hundreds of ways to book a spring break trip.  There are people claiming to operate spring break trips in all these foreign countries, when really they are just a “mom and pop” travel agency.  They have no parties, no MTV, no free meals and drinks…and most of all no staff from their offices to pick you up at the airport and bring you to your hotel and be there to help you if there is trouble.  In the past 8 years I have travelled with several small companies but have not found any to be as comprehensive and low priced as

They are a publicly traded company on the stock exchange (so they aren’t “mom and pop”) and they are the largest student travel company in the USA!  They are also the official travel partner of MTV.  You can see them on “The Real World Cancun” airing Wed. nights on MTV.  Spring Break is all that they do and they send about 40 staff to every destination to make sure your having the best time, and if you need help…they are right there to help you out!  Also know they are the low price leader, but if you do happen to find a lower price…they’ll BEAT it!

Here is a link to their website:

Whether you choose to travel with or someone else, please use your head and make smart decisions.  Be safe and have the time of your life.

For more info on spring break safety read my blog page about it here!

ALSO…if you are looking to start your own spring break or student travel company, check out our friends a W Tour & Travel Group.  They charge no up front fees, and don’t make you sign a contract, however they will make you a ton of money.  They will help you build a business plan, sales/marketing plan, help you get your company on college campuses and more!  Check them out at


Sports Betting For College Students

October 3, 2010

College Sports betting is on the rise on most college campuses. Some people say its terrible for people to start betting at such a young age, but the real truth is that I paid for most of my education while betting on sports in college.

There are several systems available to help you learn how to bet, and how to win more than lose.
I was able to win about 97% of all bets I placed in college. Did I make it a full-time career now…NO. But I still do bet, and I make a great supplemental income.

Please checkout my guide here.

Please do NOT start betting on sports until you read this guide. If you are in college, you need to be careful with your money and be sure that you focus on school 1st. Anything after that, is totally fine.

I can show you how to win 97% of the time when you bet using these simple tactics. Check it out here!


Spring Break 2011 Cruises!

October 3, 2010

So you want to take a cruise for spring break?

As a travel professional I am going to give you the ins/outs of booking a cruise when your in college and probably under 21 years of age.

1. If you are booking with a group, do NOT tell them you are in college and going on the cruise for “spring break”.  If you do, they will most likely not allow you to buy the on board “all you can drink package” and most likely make requirements such as “each room must have somone 25+”.  With that being said, just look for the best possible deal.

2. Use a broker…

Cruise Brokers are people that buy cabins in bulk and then wholesale to the general public.  If you are looking for a 5 night or 7 night Caribbean cruise you shouldn’t be paying more than $195 per person.  YES…it is true.  With a down economy, the cruise ships are scrambling just to fill the ship in hopes you’ll spend more money on premium drinks, meals, and shop in the on board boutiques. 

To get the best possible deal on a cruise, read my cruise insiders guide. CLICK HERE

The guide referenced above is the BEST way to get student discounts, and un-advertised specials from cruise lines like Carnival and Royal Caribbean.

Again, check out the cruise insiders guide I have put together here