Spring Break 2011 Cruises!

October 3, 2010

So you want to take a cruise for spring break?

As a travel professional I am going to give you the ins/outs of booking a cruise when your in college and probably under 21 years of age.

1. If you are booking with a group, do NOT tell them you are in college and going on the cruise for “spring break”.  If you do, they will most likely not allow you to buy the on board “all you can drink package” and most likely make requirements such as “each room must have somone 25+”.  With that being said, just look for the best possible deal.

2. Use a broker…

Cruise Brokers are people that buy cabins in bulk and then wholesale to the general public.  If you are looking for a 5 night or 7 night Caribbean cruise you shouldn’t be paying more than $195 per person.  YES…it is true.  With a down economy, the cruise ships are scrambling just to fill the ship in hopes you’ll spend more money on premium drinks, meals, and shop in the on board boutiques. 

To get the best possible deal on a cruise, read my cruise insiders guide. CLICK HERE

The guide referenced above is the BEST way to get student discounts, and un-advertised specials from cruise lines like Carnival and Royal Caribbean.

Again, check out the cruise insiders guide I have put together here


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