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Beer, beaches, and babes – spring break 2011

October 27, 2010

So you stumbled here on to my blog in search of a couple of things…beer, beaches, and babes…right?

Well maybe not exactly (if your a female spring breaker), but I am sure you were searching the internet for a few items on Spring Break 2016!

The hot spots for spring break 2016 are the usual:  Cancun, Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta, Jamaica, The Bahamas, Panama City Florida or South Padre Island Texas!



STEP # 1: Find out when your school goes on spring break!

I already did that for you! I have listed them all here on my blog. To find your school’s spring break date  Click here  (opens in a new window)

STEP # 2: Figure out a budget…(i.e. save some beer money!)

I can help you do that too.  It’s important to have a budget, so you’ll need to save some money.  To see how to budget and what an average trip will cost check my blog post on it Click here (opens in a new window)

STEP #3:  Choose a destination/hotel that fits your budget.

So if you can afford it and have $2000 per person to spend for 7 nights (including airfare) of all out crazyness…check out the private villas in Acapulco…or headquarter properties like the Oasis Cancun Resort.  Private villas run from $1700 – $2000 per person.  The Oasis Cancun runs about $1400 – $1500 per person but…IT’S ALL YOU CAN EAT AND DRINK.

For a 7 night vacation  with all you can eat and drink including your flight plan to spend:

Cancun $999 – $1600 per person

Acapulco $899 – $1800 per person

The Bahamas $999 – $1500 per person

Puerto Vallarta from $1000 – $1500 per person

Jamaica from $800 – $1300 per person

Party Cruises from $400 – $699 per person

More info on VIP Villas in Acapulco or Puerto Vallarta? Check my blog post  click here

More info on the Oasis Cancun Resort? Check my blog post click here

STEP # 4: Choose a company secure and legitimate travel company to book your trip.

On the internet these days there are hundreds of ways to book a spring break trip.  There are people claiming to operate spring break trips in all these foreign countries, when really they are just a “mom and pop” travel agency.  They have no parties, no MTV, no free meals and drinks…and most of all no staff from their offices to pick you up at the airport and bring you to your hotel and be there to help you if there is trouble.  In the past 8 years I have travelled with several small companies but have not found any to be as comprehensive and low priced as

They are a publicly traded company on the stock exchange (so they aren’t “mom and pop”) and they are the largest student travel company in the USA!  They are also the official travel partner of MTV.  You can see them on “The Real World Cancun” airing Wed. nights on MTV.  Spring Break is all that they do and they send about 40 staff to every destination to make sure your having the best time, and if you need help…they are right there to help you out!  Also know they are the low price leader, but if you do happen to find a lower price…they’ll BEAT it!

Here is a link to their website:

Whether you choose to travel with or someone else, please use your head and make smart decisions.  Be safe and have the time of your life.

For more info on spring break safety read my blog page about it here!

ALSO…if you are looking to start your own spring break or student travel company, check out our friends a W Tour & Travel Group.  They charge no up front fees, and don’t make you sign a contract, however they will make you a ton of money.  They will help you build a business plan, sales/marketing plan, help you get your company on college campuses and more!  Check them out at


Cancun Hotels Stealing Sand!

August 2, 2009

Wow…this is an interesting story.  If you have been to Cancun since the 2005/2006 hurricane, you know that the government had to re-build the beaches.   In the last few years the beaches have began to errode again and well…hotels are doing anything they can to fix that problem.

Cancun beaches

Environmental enforcement officers backed by Mexican navy personnel closed off dozens of metres of powder-white coastline in front of a hotel accused of illegally accumulating sand on its beach.

Mexico spent $19 million to replace Cancun beaches washed away by Hurricane Wilma in 2005. But much of the sand pumped from the sea floor has since washed away, leading some property owners to build breakwaters in a bid to retain sand.

The practice often merely shifts sand loss to beaches below the breakwaters.

“Today we made the decision to close this stretch of ill-gotten, illegally accumulated sand,” said Patricio Patron, Mexico’s attorney general for environmental protection. “This hotel was telling its tourists: ‘Come here, I have sand … the other hotels don’t, because I stole it.”‘

Patron said five people were detained in a raid for allegedly using pumps to move sand from the sea floor onto the beach in front of the Gran Caribe Real Hotel. The hotel is also suspected of illegally building a breakwater that impeded the natural flow of sand onto other hotels’ beaches, he said.

An employee of the hotel’s marketing office said nobody was available to comment on the allegations. Authorities said the hotel owner ignored previous orders to remove the breakwater.

A knot of angry tourists gathered around the closed beach.

Some were irked by the sight of police tape and “Closed” signs. Maria Bachino, a travel agent from Rocha, Uruguay, said by telephone that she had booked a beachfront room in Cancun, only to find herself cut off from the clear, bathub-temperature waters that lure millions to Cancun each year.

“They promised us a beach,” said Bachino. “This is very unpleasant, we feel bad. This is intimidating,” she said of the armed navy personnel who participated in the raid.

Patron said he regretted any inconvenience for tourists, but said the government is planning projects to restore beaches throughout Cancun in an orderly, environmentally responsible way.

“I apologize to the tourists for this problem, but it is a question of enforcing the law,” Patron said.


So spring breakers…depending on your spring break dates, you might have a nicer beach for spring break 2010


Win a FREE trip to Cancun with MTV’s The Real World Cancun Cast!

July 12, 2009

Thats right.  One of my preferred travel vendors for high school spring break and graduation trips has teamed up with MTV to offer a free trip to Cancun with the entire cast.  Rumor has it, they will also be having a Real World takes over your prom too.  That would mean the cast would attend your prom and party the night away.

To register to win the FREE trip to Cancun with MTV’s The Real World Cancun Click Here!

Want help planning the most amazing high school spring/grad break trip?

Check out this great vendor:


MTV’s “The Real World Cancun” gives a fresh persepective on Spring Break

May 27, 2009

Oh boy! 

The producers of “The Real World” just wrapped up shooting their newest season.  For the first time ever the 8 strangers embark on a journey to Cancun, Mexico.  Obviously this is going to be a season that has the potential to be the wildest ever put on television.  Rumor has it that the cast of the show go to work for (The largest Spring Break Tour Operator to Cancun).  The cast works with the other travel staff to ensure that spring breakers have a safe and fun filled spring break experience.

Looking back at all of the episodes of the Real World I have watched in my time, it is absolutely mind numbing how many hours are spent watching these drama filled individuals live out their lives on TV.  After exposing themselves, their insecurities, and their issues in life, I find it hard to believe that any of the cast members ever go on to obtain anything more than their breif stint as reality TV stars.  This new season in Cancun is sure to bring out the craziest of them all.

So the real question is how will this show effect Spring Break Travel by U.S. students in 2010?

Even though Mexico has been graced by both the swine flu and drug related violence the producers of the show stated that it did not effect production and they seemed to think that the number of students in Cancun was on par with what they expected.  I personally think Cancun will continue to prosper in 2010 as a spring break destination.  The Real World will expose Cancun to those students who have never been there.  Perhaps many students will begin to save money early this year so they can “have their own Real World Cancun Experience”. 

It will be interesting to see how the show unfolds and how the roomates balance working in paradise while trying to squeeze in a party of their own. 

The show is due to air in June.

For more info check out:


Spring Break Acapulco Villas FOR LESS

May 27, 2009

Most people believe that you have to be a baller to get a villa in Acapulco for spring break.  Let me inform you that there is no truth to that statement.

Why are villas in Acapulco so popular for spring break?  Simply because they afford you the opportunity to live in a house with a private chef, driver, and pool!  If you want to throw a private party after Paladium closes, or invite the devil himself to your villa to party, you have the means of doing so.

Most villas in Acapulco available for spring break sleep 10 – 20 people.  This simple fact is what makes them so affordable.  Will you pay more to stay in a villa than a standard hotel?  Sometimes.  Villa pricing can range from $1600 a person to $3000 a person.  If your on a budget several companies allow you to sign up with 20 friends for a Villa.  Each person has their own account and logs into the account via a secure website to make monthly payments.  Normally the Villa property owners require a $250 down payment per person to hold the villa.  Each person can then make monthly payments on their own.

THIS PAYMENT PLAN IS THE SINGULAR REASON TO BOOK EARLY (not to mention if there is a particular villa you are looking for, you need to act fast before someone else sweeps it up)!

I found a very good source for villas.  Visit the following site and choose “destination” followed by “Acapulco” and the villas will come up ( OR; OR feel free to hit me up as I can broker a GUARANTEED lowest price deal for you.

If you have a specific villa your group is looking for be sure to leave a comment and I will go to work on obtaining the best deal possible for you!

See you in Acapulco for spring break 2010!


Travel Websites Offer Discounts for 2011 Spring Break

May 22, 2009

Spring Break tour operators are already discounting their trips for 2010 travel.  It seems the tour companies are finally getting more savvy as students have less money to spend due to the economy.  Pricing compared to 2009 is several percentage points less.  Rediculous discounts including pricing on Bahamas Party Cruises, Panama City Beach (home of the MTV stage), and Cancun.

Lowest pricing on international spring break seems to be Jamaica.  With the swine flu challenges and drug wars Jamaica seems to be looking more attractive to students.

The following are the best websites to earn a FREE trip for organizing a group and/or your best deal on spring break 2010 packages:,,,

CRUISE INSIDERS GUIDE FOR SPRING BREAK…read this guide and get guaranteed cruise rates for $198 for 5 nights with all meals and drinks included.  These are wholesaled direct to you.  Click Here to read the guide.


Spring Break 2010

May 19, 2009

Spring Break 2010!

What better way to enjoy travel among friends who like to party in foreign countries?

So after all my years in the industry I have to say spring break for most schools will be most popular in Cancun, Acapulco, Panama City Beach, and Jamaica.  A couple of fun low cost/high value vacations include the Bahamas Party Cruise and South Padre Island, Texas.

Want to know more info…visit this site,,, !