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MTV’s “The Real World” Cancun Premier Party!!

July 25, 2009

June 22nd – 25th join MTV,, and the ME Cancun Hotel in a VIP weekend of fun!

Go to for more info.


Charities profit from college spring break

July 21, 2009

A new program offered by Spring Break Tour operator now offers Fraternities and Sororities an opportunity to give back to their Philanthropies.

It is well known that all Greek organizations have to do a certain amount of philanthropic activity in order to keep their charter and to be recognized as an organization on their college campus. (the nations largest spring break tour operator) recently launched a new promotion to all of the Greek organizations that travel with them.

The program involves the company giving a monetary donation of up to $20 per person that travels from the Greek organization on spring break.  For many of these organizations that can mean $2000 or more in donations simply for taking their normally scheduled trip with

For more information on how your fraternity or sorority can receive a donation from and how you as the group organizer can go for free, visit today!


Spring Break On a Budget?

July 19, 2009


Okay…so I have been getting alot of questions on how to have a pimped out spring break on a budget.

This is an easy question for me to answer…why…because I was always on a budget in college.

Here are a couple of ways to go for cheap or maybe even FREE.

How you ask? Easy! There is a company that will actually provide you with a 100% free trip if YOU organize a group of 16 people to go with you. This is not a scam and the company has been doing this for 23 years. If you organize a group of 24 or more, you’ll not only receive your spring break trip for free, but also VIP status while on spring break (includes celeb meet and greets, private tables in the night clubs, and VIP dinners). If you start planning your trip early, you should see how easy it is to get 16 people together.  Vist and click on “Travel Free” to learn more

# 2 – Go Domestic.
It’s like choosing Corona or Bud Light…I say choose the Bud LightTo really stick to a good budget stay in the U.S. or take a cruise. The top two U.S. Spring Break Destinations are Panama City Beach Florida, and South Padre Island Texas. That being said, most students road trip to these destinations and usually end up spending $500 for 7 nights of hotel, food, and booze. The beach is the biggest party spot in these destinations. The day drinking is crazy. Take last year in Panama City for Example. and MTV brought down Lil’ Wayne and did a huge concert on the beach for 20,000+ people. For the best possible package deals (hotels, concerts, night clubs, and food) in one easy package.

Yes, you’ll need a passport and you’ll want to plan on spending $700 – $1200 per person, but remember…international destinations offer “all-inclusive” (meaning all you can eat and drink including booze). Whereas it is illegal for hotel properties in the U.S. to offer all-inclusive. Here are a couple of examples:

2010 Bahamas Party Cruise and Stay Vacation (all you can eat and drink) $600 per person

2010 Acapulco all suite hotel with airfare (all you can eat and drink) 5 nights $800 per person

2010 Cancun all you can eat and drink with airfare for 7 nights $999 per person


If you book your trip with a reputable student travel company.  They’ll allow you to finance your package and make monthly payments.  Companies like allow you to put down a single payment of $100 to start and then make monthly payments.  Some students still groan even about this.  But if your smart think of budgeting for spring break like this.  If you go out twice a weekend to the bars on campus your spending $40 each time.  So thats $80 a weekend in boozing and/ 0r $320 a month in boozing.  By all means go out, but do some pre-gaming first and cut your nightly expenditure at the bars to $20 (go to the bars on the $1 draft nights).  So if you do this your cutting your expenditure in half to $160 a month.  This leaves you an additional $160 to plan a pimped out all you can eat and drink, vacation to some where exotic.  Take this $160 times 7 months and you have $1120 towards a trip. lets you make  monthly payments on internaional trips.  So there you have it…quit bitching…save some cash and go have the most amazing 7 days of your life in Mexico!!!

If you have questions, need a price quote or just want more info on spring break…leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you with the info you requested.


Passport Service


Pimped out spring break

July 19, 2009


Want to live spring break like a celebrity?
I can make that happen.

Several travel companis are now offering luxury services to students with taste and money to spend.
From private villas, to penthouse suites, and your own private driver I will outline a variety of services I can broker for you.

# 1 – Private villas in Acapulco Mexico and Puerto Vallarta. Situated on the cliffs just outside of town, your private villa will have 8 – 10 bedrooms and sleep 14 – 22 people. Pricing includes your own chef, butler, and optional car service. You choose your own menu and the chef prepares it. I personally package these villas with airfare to make your experience a one stop shop. Pricing starts at $1900 per person and can go to $3000 per person for 7 night packages. Private villas are available in both Acapulco and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

# 2 – Penthouse sweets. These are available only in Acapulco and only through one vendor. These are at the all suite Spring Break 2010 headquarter hotel. The penthouses are at the very top of the hotel and are two stories tall. Each penthouse sleeps 8 people and pricing is $1500 per person and includes ALL YOU CAN EAT AND DRINK (including alcohol).

If your interested in these exlculsive luxury services for SPRING BREAK 2010 please contact me directly at 978-573-1835


Win a FREE trip to Cancun with MTV’s The Real World Cancun Cast!

July 12, 2009

Thats right.  One of my preferred travel vendors for high school spring break and graduation trips has teamed up with MTV to offer a free trip to Cancun with the entire cast.  Rumor has it, they will also be having a Real World takes over your prom too.  That would mean the cast would attend your prom and party the night away.

To register to win the FREE trip to Cancun with MTV’s The Real World Cancun Click Here!

Want help planning the most amazing high school spring/grad break trip?

Check out this great vendor:


MTV’s “16 and Pregnant”? What a show…

July 10, 2009

I didn’t even know this show exsisted until I saw it after watching a re-air of “The Real World – Cancun”.  I can’t tell if the premise of 16 and Pregnant is to teach teens a lesson or embrace it?  It seems the show does spin it as if the parents are angry.  In the episode on right now, neither the mother or the sister of the pregnant girl want to be in the room with her during delivery because they’ll “faint if they see blood”. 

So the girl goes to the hospital to have the baby and her sister is sick and her father is out of town for work. So its just mother and daughter for the delivery.  WOW!!!

16 and pregnant?  I only remember one girl in high school being pregnant.  She wasn’t in my graduating class, but she nenver seemed to be the type of girl who would get pregnant.

Being in the student travel business…I work closely with high school students for their graduation trips and I have in the past had female students book a trip and later cancel because they are pregnant.


After viewing the entire show, I have to say that after the young girl gives birth MTV makes it seem like a happy ending, but still show clips of what life will be life at 16 with a new born.  Luckily the girl on the show has wealthy and supportive parents and great friends who seem supportive as well.  I don’t know if the show is exactly “birth control”, but they do show condom commercials during the show, and have little pop up boxes while the show is airing that encourage viewers to text a certain number for more info on teen pregnancy.

Honestly, I did not expect to see this show on when I finished an episode of The Real World – Cancun.